The Avatar – A New Age Graffiti Tag?

Today many of us have extended ourselves to be attached to an avatar online, a personal space where we can be expressive and creative in ways not always possible in everyday life. A couple of years ago I was reading “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” the history of hip-hop. In this book, when reading about tagging and graffiti art, I found a similarity in this creative action of stamping lost self identity somewhere, to the process and ownership of the online avatars that many of us now have.

These avatar spaces we own are where many of us are finding a place to be our natural creative selves, who we are as individuals, our stamps, our tag that we can put somewhere for everyone to see and even write on too. The wall aspect of Facebook and social network interactivity allowing for feedback to be posted, is also a similar metaphor to the graffiti wall where others can “paint” and add to the creative expression of another or comment freely.

We can post a large variety of content media that represent an emotion or a feeling that we are going through, something we find inspiring, healing, something we connect with at that time, and we do this to say “this is who I am, or this is who I want to be, this is what I can do, look at me, pay attention, this IS ME!”


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