Be happy in the now, but keep on dreaming…

They say you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. I have recently put my mind to running my first full marathon. This, as a process, is quite logical, you run, you run a bit further and a bit further and a bit further until you are running far enough for your body’s physical endurance to be able to get through the finish line.

When it comes to matters of certain successes, life and love, there is no definite process, there is no training plan out there that you can follow which will pretty much guarantees, if followed with discipline and determination, that you will achieve the goal you are aiming for. In life, there is no start, no definate distance in between, and no finish line to aim for. There is just the endurance of now.

It is about finding a way to endure the now without the things that you may desire and dream of deep down, so that you are living in relative contentment, not feeling the need for more than you have. Not feeling that there is something missiing.

Your hopes and dreams still exist, they still come to mind from time to time. You watch a movie, boy gets girl in a happy ending, it reignights an emotion you have buried, you get a bit sad, you see a TV program or advert that reminds you of something you don’t have and would like to have and for just a few moments you do sometimes feel discontent and short of something, that what you have is not enough.

We all have a nature in us to compare ourselves to others, but it is in this comparison that we breed discontentment imagining what it would be like to be them, and that somehow our lives will be so much better if we have what they have.

We are not them, we are who we are, our experience of life is individual and for some reason of learning we are where we are in that experience. If we are to compare, we must always compare to those who have far less than those who have more. Then we always feel blessed, we always feel we have more than enough, we are grateful for what we have and we are happy in the now. Still the hopes and dreams of “more” exist, but in a way where they do not make our daily life a misery due to their absence. Our happiness does not depend on these things, but our heart may still secretly and quietly wish for them.


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