Life Pictured

…so let me get this straight, I am born, I am a lovely child, I’m confident and shining bright. Because of this I’m targeted by numerous people at various ages and stages till my self esteem is low. Then I go on in life not shining so bright, falling fowl to more abuse but don’t give up the fight…then alone I rebuild myself all the while struggling still with the down trodders trying so hard to win my happiness back. I use music as my rock, my path, I educate myself, I read, I gather the words and knowledge to defend myself and understand the picture I’ve been set in. I wish for love, I find it only far away, out of reach and not without strife. Still alone I hope, in what feels like a trap. I run marathons to win something for my efforts otherwise unrewarded. I accommodate those who hurt me. I give love hoping one day karma will work. I survive, I try but some days it’s hard, and I wonder, I ponder, why was I dealt this card.


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