Go Within

You keep reappearing like a cloak of anxious on my day,
It’s over, why can’t you just go away?
We’ve said all the words we have to say, you can’t keep on hurting us both this way.

Text after text, call after call
Relentless, even with no response at all,
Trying every tactic in the book,
Anything to make me respond or look.
Turning up at my door with no invite
This is stalking, this is wrong, just give up the fight.

I’ve tried to be kind and be understanding,
But all I get is more obsessive demanding.
Pushing, manipulating, lying and defying,
Guilt games crying,
Saying sorry, then blaming me,
It’s only your feelings that you wanna see.

You wash over the truth with the lie you’re living,
Proclaiming this is love that you are giving?

Then you sit confused and wonder why,
Accuse me of never loving you, say without me you could die.

Still manipulating, still trying to win,
But the battle you have here is not with me, it’s with your within.



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