All In Love, All Just Passing Time

Real love makes you feel warm and safe inside,
It’s when you know there’s nothing you need to hide,
Don’t hold back the feelings and think it can’t be,
Believe it can happen, and set yourself free.

When a moment happens in your life that feels perfect in every way,
Think positively and say what you feel to say.
Don’t doubt in the power of the words in your head,
Green is green, gold is gold and red is red.

The more you believe love can happen it will.
You can’t find it in a book, a drink or a pill.
Find it deep inside and it will find you,
It’s a journey, not just a simple thing to do

Try not to do things that are bad for you,
And remember there is always sadness too,
Hold on to the things that make you feel good
And treat others like you know you should
No matter what they say,
This is the only way,
To live for your perfect day.

So much of this world highlights sadness and pain,
People living under clouds with no rain.
Their water of life is not flowing,
Being without love and without knowing.

To know yourself is to love and understand,
We can all sing and play in the same band,
A band that creates harmonies and beautiful waves,
All dancing to the rhythm, listening to the rhyme,
All in love, all just passing time.


Originally written in 2004 during a trip to Jamaica…

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