Before Sunrise

The rain splatters outside my window, birds sing their song,
Wide awake, only an hour till dawn,
My mind racing with thought after thought,
Plans to make, my future at stake, a destiny to be bought.

A desire driven by passion to move it on,
Making music, writing words, building song after song,
Hoping for that one small break,
Just enough to buy a home and a life to make.

I try to sleep in this cabin bed above my nest,
Just a small rented room for my work and rest,
Sometimes I sit and wonder why,
It seems so easy for others, still I try.

I guess we’re all lucky in different ways,
It’s not just about the kind that pays,
Some are born with that silver spoon,
Me, just a connection to the moon.

A lover, a woman, not yet taken,
Not a mother yet, but hopefully not forsaken,
Not recognized, undiscovered, one of few.
Not wealthy, but healthy, struggling to making it through.


Originally written 2007 I think…Essence

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