Choose Life

We met and shared good times,
I should have read the signs,
The warning lights were on,
But I pretended there was nothing wrong.

I hung on to the good times, hoping they could last forever,
Tried to keep your mind at ease, tried to please,
But it’s just not enough to cure this disease.

No matter what I do or say,
It’s only you, who can choose your own way,
I pray for your better day.

You know the choices you can make,
You know you can be strong and not break,
The tests will keep coming for you to take,
You just have to pass them for your own sake.

Nobody else has the power but you,
Believe that you have it and it will come to you,
The past is gone but you are here now,
The future is in your hands, you can choose what you want to allow.

Imagine how you want your life to be,
Don’t let anything stop the vision you can see,
Let the challenges come to you,
But choose to win and live your life the way you really want to.


Originally written in 1997 I think…Essence

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