Dreams With Happy Endings

I always got swept away in dreams with fairytale endings,
My head filling with pictures of hopes my heart was sending.

When I was a child my mother read me bedtime stories,
I dreamt of being that princess that got the prince and the glories.

As I grew II had my teenage romances,
Swooning over boys, always trying to catch their glances.

I became a young woman, fell in love & had fun,
Thought I’d get married, have kids, and do as my parents had done.

In my twenties I found a new passion mixing music as a DJ,
Dreamt I’d make it to the top and be hit some day.

By the time I hit 30 me and my dreams were broken,
Things happened on my journey, some hard to be spoken.

So I had to move away and start everything anew,
Back to my roots in the hometown where I grew.

Took a trip to Jamaica after some new education and learning,
Ever since that day had new direction and a deeper yearning.

On that beautiful island I met a man with God in his heart,
He let me talk for hours in deep connection from the start.

One night we slept on the beach under the stars,
Just the sound of night time orchestras, the sea and no cars.

He helped me understand what love was and could be,
He set me on a new path trying to find the real me.

I started reading the bible to see if it had the key,
But the answers I found there were only a start, not enough for me.

So I turned the pages of many books that I found,
Now I see the web of connections in everything from the sky to the ground.

I still dream like I did as a child years ago,
Still wishing that happy ending is something I will know.

So many shattered dreams in memories of my past,
Sometimes, only hope of one finally coming true, made my life last.


Date originally written unknown…Essence

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