What’s the point in complaining?
Wanting sunshine, when it’s raining,
Life is weather we can’t control,
You can’t have half without the whole.

The big picture is clear to see now,
Certain heads roll the dice and to them we must bow,
Money makes the world go round,
Love is only a quiet sound,
Not to be lived out for the dream,
Not to be spread or so it may seem.

Instead we have hope for better to come,
While the rats run the race and have their fun,
They play the game of fear and shame,
Challenging those who try to freedom claim.

Not going to be a martyr for the cause,
It’s just the way it is, don’t break the laws,
Lennon made his mark in protest and song,
A man so young now is gone.

But really he didn’t change a thing,
He just left us some songs to believe in and sing,
A star to wish upon, hope for the hopeless dream,
There will never really be a perfect world,
Only hope, so it seems.


Originally written 2008 I think…Essence

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