Was It Real?

I kept touching myself to see if I’m real,
Am I here, am I alive,
Do I really feel the way I feel?

It felt like I was walking, talking, living in a dream,
But I questioned, are things really what they seem?
I tried to let the clouds of doubt drift by,
And believe you’re for real and tell no lie.

I listened and watched your every move,
Trying to find a scratch in the record, or a break in the groove,
But you just kept coming back around,
Playing the same perfect sound.

It felt like we made the perfect mix,
Me from the city and you from the sticks,
We were both created, knowing the same rhyme,
Lived a life around trouble, but didn’t commit the crime.

You gave me all I ever wanted in a man,
You showed me it was possible,
You showed me I can be in love,
And for those precious moments in time, I am.

Originally written 2004…Essence

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