Love For All

Like Bob Marley, I feel love for all,
Understand people of less fortune and the ones that stand tall,
Some don’t receive because of bigotry and hate,
Some have to struggle to get through the gate.

I dream of a world full of love, unity & respect,
No judgement of creed, class, or dialect,
We are all born from the same source,
But some have the power to decide others course.

These wars are not just about religion or race
It’s the rich and poor trying to win their case,
When will people stop their greed and share?
Find their conscience within and choose to care.

In this world there are many hungry to feed,
People all around suffering and in need,
Only humanity can change this and take control,
When will we realize this and all feel the oneness of our souls. 

Original date written unknown…Essence

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