Felt It In My Heart

Instantly opened, word after word,
He was speaking all the things my soul heard,
He spoke my truth, he spoke my dreams,
In essence, he said, and by all means.

I felt it in my heart, early flutters,
Just as I’d put my shutters down,
I’d decided love was not for me, at least not in this town.

Resigned to a musical solitude,
Trying to create something good,
Content just doing my creative thing,
Keepin’ it moving, seeing what it may bring.

Then I felt it in my heart, just a spark,
a touch of love,
From so far and so high above,
Rooted firmly in my deepest passion,
Filling my heart like a trend, back in fashion.

Possibilities spinning, could this be a love my soul feels like winning?
A twin angel flame burning somewhere far far away,
In a studio, just like the house track intro used to say.

Essence February 2015

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