Key To My Heart

Maybe I’m just too old Skool, 

But I like a guy that plays it cool, 
He will take his time on the line, 
Not crossing too far before the right time.
An interest first in my mind and soul,
Attracted to my body but it’s not the whole.
Explore my passions of intellect,
Find out who I am, 
Sex talk is easy, but I can get that with any man.
Send me a song, write me some rhyme,
Creativity is attractive, insensitivity a crime.
Give something to me, don’t just try to take, 
Show me some effort to get through this gate.
Music is one key, to my heart,
But how to unlock it, takes a patient art, 
Don’t turn it too fast or it may break,
Ease it round gently, till you feel it take.
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