Another Dream To Cling To…

One day this book will be finished…for now it is still being written…

In the beginning there was Susie and she had a groove…this groove took her from her home town in Glasgow to live in London at the tender age of 19 where a new journey began…

A life story with one rock to cling to, MUSIC, mainly house music but other kinds too. This was her main channel for expression, prayer, desires, passion, love, hope and strength. Her friend, a companion when others were largely transient.

It’s all about the struggles, triumphs, challenges and the hopes you cling to that you think will take you “there”, that place in your mind where think you will be happy, that thing that will make you feel complete, that person that you think will make you feel whole, that success that you think will make you feel worthy, that dream you want to come true, that happy ending where you get to live happily ever after…and finding that place inside first after a long journey of self growth, knowledge & understanding…

You can often feel that it is just around that corner, you’re nearly there, ever so close, but then when you get “there” you just come to another corner and have to find another dream to cling to to keep you going because you still haven’t got “there” yet…

A tale of a tortured soul searching for inner peace, happiness and understanding, finding that or a way to live in relative contentment with music as her main source of expression & fulfilment but still hoping and wishing for at least some of her dreams to come true…


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