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Doubting Days

Sometimes we get those doubting days, minds in a haze, wondering where’s the way out of this maze?

Why has it gone so dark today? Things seemed just fine only yesterday, but now I’m in tears, full of fears, about everything and nothing, It’s got to be something?

Then almost as fast as it’s begun, like glimmers from the sun, I feel a shifting of the gloom away. At last the full moon has passed, thank goodness many will say! 


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Present Truth

When it comes to love I no longer fantasize, 

Too many beautiful illusions shattered in lies,
Or pretty pictures painted, look but do not touch, 
See but do not feel, distance from the real, the only deal.
No point in wishful desiring, it’s only conspiring,
To set my heart up to feel lack, to look forward or back,
Not just to be,
as I am, content in the comfort of what now can provide for me.
I may glance at possibilities, lose myself in a moment,
Let my imagination run wild and free,
But grounded back down,
I’m just here in this town,
Making the best of my present truth, I’m on track,
Not hurting in thoughts of what my mind can perceive me to lack.


Lost For Words

There’s just a feeling, it’s something deep, 
Sometimes he appears in my dreams while I sleep, 
But now, when he says hello, 
I seem to be lost for words, where did they go? 
Oceans apart in this connection, never met, 
But something’s making this guy hard to forget.
From so far the full picture can’t be seen, 
Just some pieces, of a possible dream.
How to trust, how to know or to believe, 
Can’t truly feel what only mind can conceive, 
Logical reasoning saying no go, 
Heart arguing, there’s still more to know. 
For now I’m lost for words to say, 
Distant fragmented conversation, too far away, 
This feeling needs to be held in touch,
Not too little or late, but much too much. 

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Just A Fantasy

Came in guns blazing,

but ran out of steam?

Just a silly fantasy,
words you didn’t mean.
Created a vision for me to see,
But then got too busy,
to make it be.
Reasons or excuses,
My heart can’t do.
You gotta be consistent,
and be all true.
If you ain’t got the time,
Honey, that’s just fine,
But then don’t expect me,
to want you to be mine.
I’m happy as I am,
I don’t need you,
I don’t need your dream,
Got my own to make it through.

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Felt It In My Heart

Instantly opened, word after word,
He was speaking all the things my soul heard,
He spoke my truth, he spoke my dreams,
In essence, he said, and by all means.

I felt it in my heart, early flutters,
Just as I’d put my shutters down,
I’d decided love was not for me, at least not in this town.

Resigned to a musical solitude,
Trying to create something good,
Content just doing my creative thing,
Keepin’ it moving, seeing what it may bring.

Then I felt it in my heart, just a spark,
a touch of love,
From so far and so high above,
Rooted firmly in my deepest passion,
Filling my heart like a trend, back in fashion.

Possibilities spinning, could this be a love my soul feels like winning?
A twin angel flame burning somewhere far far away,
In a studio, just like the house track intro used to say.

Essence February 2015

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Love Lost

Disappointments and promises not kept,
Memories in wishes hard to forget.
Apologies made but broken time after time,
Heart missing imagined feelings that would never be mine.
Just a fantasy of something that could never be,
Held in a hope for changes I would never see.
He said he loved me and didn’t want to let go,
Tied me into confusion hard to understand or know.
But it’s over now, really over now,
A sad end, but it had to happen somehow.
I just wish it had all been true,
I wish the dreams put in my mind had happened with you.
I wish we didn’t have to go through all the pain,
In the end we both lost again in this love game.

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Love Lesson

He was supposed to be the one,
A reward at the end of the struggle, her sun,
Instead more pain than love came along,
Empty days, lots of fights, just another sad song.

A soulmate lesson to shake her soul,
A wake up call to make her whole,
Shell shocked to the core by the experience brought,
Ok God, she gets it now, this lesson is taught.

Now can we have a miracle please?
This blacksheep needs love for her pain to ease,
Just one person to really show they care,
Just for once in her life for someone to be there.

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