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Only Essence (formally DJitalEssence’s) catalog of digital music productions, releases, links and promo’s can be found here…

She began tinkering with digital music production in 2002. A combination of deep passion and artistically expressive necessity has driven her through the grooves of house and affiliated genre’s to create quite an extensive catalog over the years which is ever growing and extending into tangents of fresh experimentation and fusions.

Her journey of expression has served as her rock as she went on her journey of inner integration and ascension seeking inner peace and balance as a creative soul.

Her output varies with her mood and is highly dynamic. Her sound is influenced by fusions from the history of underground dance music, especially house and garage, retro pop culture, electro funk and electronica. Some tracks are more personal and deep, others to get you grooving on a dance floor.

All the output she produces from start to final master is her own work, there is no machine or team.

The journey continues…a huge catalog of productions already released and plenty more in the can. Some collaborations and remixes for other artists also branching out most recently with Unity Gain Records (New York)

Music is the food of life…let it play on…


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