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Too Many Maybe’s

Too many maybe’s, the fire is well and truly out, a memory almost gone, you covered it in doubt. Hopes risen to disappointment with your mind changes and excuses, the only result now is you lose this. 

I’m not sharing anymore of my understanding, you are not commanding this one way street. I walk away, nothing more to say, we shared one lovely day, a dream that was seeded, now fading like the past, no longer needed. 


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Love On Delay

Days that feel like an eternity waiting, 
Still no message, I’m anticipating. 

There’s always something in the way, another reason love is on delay.

His warm kisses feeling colder, the fire he started now just a smoulder.

Bad timing to begin falling, he’s got other priorities calling.

Seems love is unavailable every time, never for me, never mine. 

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Kisses In The Sun

We went walking talking, sunshine blazing on the sea shore, no thoughts that this might be anything more. 

Lotion massaged with hands that sent a shiver, eyes shut she did not anticipate the kiss he was to deliver.

Lips met like magnets hard to part, breathless heat rising and a pounding in her heart. 

Passion aching and rising in desire, the sun was hot but his kiss was setting her on fire.

He teased her with his touch just enough to let her know, just a taste from first base of other levels they could go. 

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Possible Dreams

The personification of everything she loves, her music in the flesh, a body that feels like home to hold, lying next to him as he sleeps in her awakened state of surreal reality. 

A kiss in a dream blurred into experience, that chemistry she imagined now felt. Lips that gently beckon her into pleasure, a soft touch that makes her melt. 

Wonders with no expectation, what will be will be. There’s always dreams though, possible visions to see. 

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The Avatar – A New Age Graffiti Tag?

Today many of us have extended ourselves to be attached to an avatar online, a personal space where we can be expressive and creative in ways not always possible in everyday life. A couple of years ago I was reading “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” the history of hip-hop. In this book, when reading about tagging and graffiti art, I found a similarity in this creative action of stamping lost self identity somewhere, to the process and ownership of the online avatars that many of us now have.

These avatar spaces we own are where many of us are finding a place to be our natural creative selves, who we are as individuals, our stamps, our tag that we can put somewhere for everyone to see and even write on too. The wall aspect of Facebook and social network interactivity allowing for feedback to be posted, is also a similar metaphor to the graffiti wall where others can “paint” and add to the creative expression of another or comment freely.

We can post a large variety of content media that represent an emotion or a feeling that we are going through, something we find inspiring, healing, something we connect with at that time, and we do this to say “this is who I am, or this is who I want to be, this is what I can do, look at me, pay attention, this IS ME!”

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Just Writing Material – A short poem



When you left the bed felt too big without you

But I got myself together and made it though

Everything happens for a reason they say

At least you inspired me in a creative way

Turns out you were just writing material for me

Some emotions to live and find a way to set free

An experience sent to light my fire

Now with hindsignt I can see the story transpire

Comme Si, comme ca, c’est la vie, life goes on

Whatever happens will just end up in a song

I’m just so glad to have this outlet for expression

It sure beats the blues and feelings of depression


Essence 13/03/2012

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