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Just Right

Tender kissing, gentle touch, stroking silent intenseness. Lips brushing, pulse accelerating, naturally intuitive senses.

Barriers crashed, overridden, inevitable outcome without decision.

Energy sharing waves of desire, every moment savouring fire.
Intimate sensual tantric vibrations, releasing closeness, breathless sensations.

Beautiful feelings melting as one, feels like home but it’s only just begun. 


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Too Many Maybe’s

Too many maybe’s, the fire is well and truly out, a memory almost gone, you covered it in doubt. Hopes risen to disappointment with your mind changes and excuses, the only result now is you lose this. 

I’m not sharing anymore of my understanding, you are not commanding this one way street. I walk away, nothing more to say, we shared one lovely day, a dream that was seeded, now fading like the past, no longer needed. 

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Love On Delay

Days that feel like an eternity waiting, 
Still no message, I’m anticipating. 

There’s always something in the way, another reason love is on delay.

His warm kisses feeling colder, the fire he started now just a smoulder.

Bad timing to begin falling, he’s got other priorities calling.

Seems love is unavailable every time, never for me, never mine. 

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Kisses In The Sun

We went walking talking, sunshine blazing on the sea shore, no thoughts that this might be anything more. 

Lotion massaged with hands that sent a shiver, eyes shut she did not anticipate the kiss he was to deliver.

Lips met like magnets hard to part, breathless heat rising and a pounding in her heart. 

Passion aching and rising in desire, the sun was hot but his kiss was setting her on fire.

He teased her with his touch just enough to let her know, just a taste from first base of other levels they could go. 

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Possible Dreams

The personification of everything she loves, her music in the flesh, a body that feels like home to hold, lying next to him as he sleeps in her awakened state of surreal reality. 

A kiss in a dream blurred into experience, that chemistry she imagined now felt. Lips that gently beckon her into pleasure, a soft touch that makes her melt. 

Wonders with no expectation, what will be will be. There’s always dreams though, possible visions to see. 

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This Was Not A Love Song

You said you didn’t care about money, but chose work instead of us.
You said you wanted commitment but then just broke the trust.

You said you wanted a good woman but when found, you let her down. So that smile she began to feel just turned into a frown.

The passion wasn’t there, no tender kissing, just a sinking feeling there was something missing.

She didn’t feel your desire, only in her fantasies did she have that fire. Such a cold disconnection, no intimacy and no affection.

You didn’t make the right memories to keep her holding on, so this is not gonna be a love song. 

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Love Lesson

He was supposed to be the one,
A reward at the end of the struggle, her sun,
Instead more pain than love came along,
Empty days, lots of fights, just another sad song.

A soulmate lesson to shake her soul,
A wake up call to make her whole,
Shell shocked to the core by the experience brought,
Ok God, she gets it now, this lesson is taught.

Now can we have a miracle please?
This blacksheep needs love for her pain to ease,
Just one person to really show they care,
Just for once in her life for someone to be there.

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