Vital Grooves

Vital Grooves is the brand name created by ONLY ESSENCE.

The building of a dream on a shoe string budget, a labor of love, built out of necessity, fueled by passion and driven by the desire to succeed. Her life’s work, a journey inside, largely experienced in solitude, expressing itself creatively through music and other media forms, evolving as she survived and learned to thrive as an Empath, Indigo or Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

Part of this process was hoping to inspire others to elevate their mind, body and soul as she battled to inspire herself to do the same on this long and often quite grueling and confusing ascension journey, as is one way to describe it.

It’s been over a decade of constant studying of many kinds to carry out the myriad of tasks required to build, maintain and grow the brand concept, as well as a lot of hard work aiming to represent the image of the brand in mind, body and soul vitality herself.

So, Vital Grooves…it’s all about mind, body, soul and of course…the MUSIC! It’s pretty much what Only Essence lives for at present. A healthy focus of distraction from the voids and pains in her life essentially, her life line.

Future growth of the brand revenues and potentials will be increased with future investment, business partnerships and possibly luck at this stage. The ship is built and sailing but more hands are needed on deck! Only Essence can only do so much!


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